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From Courtney Kuhn, Eric’s wife.

This isn’t an update I was ever wanting to write but this seems like the easiest way to let everyone know what is going on. 

For almost 3 weeks, Eric has put up his best fight for a body that was failing him. The injury itself was a complete sever of the C5 vertebrae. Whatever feeling or movement he had lost, would be forever. Medically, they had classified him as a quadriplegic, though he still had limited movement of his right arm and shoulders. He had zero feeling or movement from breast bone down. His diaphragm was mostly paralyzed which means he hasn’t been able to breath on his own without the ventilator. His mind has been there the whole time, which has made this process so much harder as he was still communicating as best as he could. 

Yesterday afternoon, my plan was to reinstate the DNR we had originally agreed to but held off as I needed all the facts of the only two options we were given a week ago. 

As we arrived to the hospital, we were informed that his oxygen level for the ventilator was at 100% and his lungs were already scarring. He already had pneumonia in both lungs. His body was showing signs of carbon dioxide building in his blood. 

I made the decision to do comfort care.

His mother Maureen and best friend Joshua supported my decision and stayed as we supported each other. 

Eric passed at 6:19pm surrounded with love from family. 

Thank you to everyone who has sent their love, prayers, and donated to our family. The support that everyone has shown has been undeniably felt by all of us. 

We will be having his service at Maddox and I will update with that information when we know.

If you haven't already scheduled your dewinterization, call Austin at 703.494.6611 or submit an online request

Online Dewinterization 2023 form

Online Spring Detailing 2023 form

Online Parts Request form

Online Service Request for Diagnosis

Local Safety Notices 

Boat U.S. released 28 Mar 23Top 3 mistakes boaters make with VHF radios

31 Mar 23: Spring Safety Forum recap

Coast Guard Notice to Mariners 

Our club has received notice that several red and green channel markers have been moved, added or removed along the waterway from the 301 Bridge to the Washington Channel. Many of the navigation apps are starting to reflect this change, but it's important that mariners update their apps and GPS software

Mariner's Notification!


Click Here for WAMS - Passenger Vessel Traffic Chart PDF

Ongoing Project at the 301 Bridge

The new Harry Nice bridge is open and demolition of parts of old bridge will be demolished 13-29 March

As we approach the Hurricane Season on the East Coast, getting your boat prepared for defense against the extreme elements is paramount for a positive outcome when the skies again turn blue and the sun shines upon your world!

Taking a few simple steps insures that your prized vessel conquers the elements:

1. When the weather forecasters predict an imminent storm approaching, don't assume it's going to be light and since we're inland, "we will be OK".  This river has been known to become a raging disaster during heavy rains and wind.

2. Be sure that any loose objects such as chairs, pillows, toys, and anything that can become airborne are stowed for safety.

3. Make sure your canvas and any other enclosures are secure and properly snapped or zippered.  If your seats are exposed and canvas covered, putting in a bungee cord to help keep it in place is a good idea.

4. Be sure all drainage ports are clear of debris.  Heavy rains that cannot be channeled overboard can result in sinking if the bilge pumps fail or cannot keep up with the deluge.

5. Be sure you put out as many fenders as necessary to help avoid "dock rash".  All the rocking and rolling during severe weather will cause costly damage to the hull of your boat if not properly protected.

6. Double up on all dock lines.  After making certain that all cleats on both the dock as well as the boat are structurally secure, it is important to add an insurance policy to the lines that you have been using all season long - which may not be a strong as what you have stored in your rope locker.  A broken line will certainly result in expensive damage.

7. Do not try to stay aboard during the storm!  Your boat can be replaced... You, however, cannot.

8. Take photos of all you have done to protect your boat.  You may need to prove to your insurance carrier that you took all possible steps to mitigate loss.

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