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Boating at its best!

Meet Your 2024 PWYC Bridge

Board of Directors ~ The affairs of the PWYC are managed by our Board of Directors, made up of our elected Flag Officers and nominated Fleet Captains. These are the voting members of the Board. Our Immediate Past Commodore and all Past Commodores are non-voting members of the Board.

Bridge ~ Our Board is also complemented in leading our club by our Dock Representatives, Delegates, and other appointed Committee Chairs. All these volunteers together make up the Bridge.   


Commodore ~ Jim Khoury ~

Please reach out to me or any of the club’s Flag Officers, Fleet Captains or Dock Representatives if you have any questions.  We are always interested in ideas and volunteers that will make the boating season more enjoyable!

Vice Commodore ~ Mike Strano ~

Rear Commodore ~ Jason Leydig ~

Secretary ~ Sabrina Salter ~

Treasurer ~ Michelle Gordon ~


Membership ~ Beth Lu ~

Social ~ Shannon Leydig, Jenna Burum ~

Newsletter ~ Vicky Carr ~

Safety ~ Bob Schwartz ~

Immediate Past Commodore ~ Rick McHarg ~

Webmaster ~ Mike Manning ~


A-Dock Vacant - Seeking Volunteer

B-Dock Julie Finacchiaro & Keith Clouser

C-Dock Vacant - Seeking Volunteer

D-Dock Matt Shaw, David and Michelle Gordon

E-Dock Nicholas Roper

F-Dock Vacant - Seeking Volunteer 

G-Dock Charlotte Blane

H-Dock Joy & Walt Heuer

I-Dock Chris & Sabrina Salter

J-Dock PWM - Sales Dock

K-Dock Shannon & Jason Leydig

L-Dock Vacant - Seeking Volunteer 

Boatel Joe Peruzzi


PRYCA ~ Beth & Sheldon Lu ~

CBYCA ~ Mike Connolly ~

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